Pranking video Fundamentals Explained

› to formally problem no matter whether one thing is true or lawful, or whether someone has the authority or ideal to perform a thing:

item - Specific or raise an objection or protest or criticism or Convey dissent; "She by no means objected to the level of perform her manager charged her with"; "When questioned to push the truck, she objected that she didn't Have a very driver's license"

.. idiom oppugn qualm reserve sceptic sceptically scepticism self-doubt skeptical scent a rat idiom suspicion suspicious suss See extra outcomes »

› [ C/U ] a questioning or expression of question with regard to the truth or objective of a thing, or the right of an individual to own or do something:

vt individual, champion (to duel, race and so forth) → herausfordern; entire world report and many others → überbieten wollen; to challenge anyone to do anything → wetten, dass jd etw nicht (tun) kann; he challenged her to operate a marathon → er wettete, dass sie keinen Marathonlauf machen würde; to challenge any person to your duel → jdn zum Duell fordern; to challenge anyone to the game → jdn zu einer Partie herausfordern

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Suspecting & questioning phone contact into query idiom cynical dispute question doubting Thomas fisking I would wish to see.

one. to question (a person) to take part in a very contest. He challenged his brother into a round of golfing. uitdaag يَدْعو للمُبارَزَه، يَتَحَدّى предизвиквам desafiar vyzvat herausfordern udfordre προκαλώdesafiar, retar välja kutsuma به مبارزه طلبیدن haastaa défier לְהַזמִין לְהִתמוֹדדוּת चुनौती देना zvati, izazvati kihív menantang skora á sfidare 挑戦する (누구에게 경기 참가를) 권하다 iškviesti izaicināt cabar uitdagenutfordre rzucać wyzwanie دمسابقى دپاره بلنه او عام اعتراض: په سابقه يا جګړه فيصله كول: دايراد نيول: مساپقې ته را بلنه: استثنا قايلېدل: اعتراض كول desafiar a provoca вызвать на состязание vyzvať izzvati izazvati utmana ท้าทาย yarışmaya davet etmek, meydan okumak 向.

Though Van Horn did not comprehend it, at this challenge he knowledgeable the hair-pricking sensations in his scalp that Jerry experienced when he bristled his again.

n (to duel, match and so forth) → Herausforderung file (→ to an +acc); (fig: = needs) → Anforderung (→ en pl) file; to issue a challenge to any person → jdn herausfordern; this occupation is often a challenge → bei dieser Arbeit ist guy gefordert; I see this undertaking as being a challenge → ich sehe diese Aufgabe als Herausforderung; the challenge of recent lifestyle → die Anforderungen des heutigen Lebens; people that rose towards the challenge → diejenigen, die sich der Herausforderung stellten; the Office environment occupation offered no challenge for him → die Pranking video Bürotätigkeit stellte keine Ansprüche an ihn or forderte ihn nicht; the challenge of the unfamiliar → der Reiz des Unbekannten

2. the act of questioning an individual's right, an announcement and many others. uitdaging تَحَدٍّ، طَعْنٌ في صَلاحِيَّة съмнение contestação pochybování der Widerspruch anfægtelse; dragen i tvivl; protest αμφισβήτησηrecusación vaidlustamine مورد تردید قرار دهی kyseenalaistaminen mise en query קְרִיאַת תִּיגָר टोकना dovoditi u pitanje kétségbevonás mempertanyakan véfenging (il mettere in dubbio) 異議の申し立て (권리, 진술에 대한) 도전 protestas, iššūkis apstrīdēšana mempersoal vraag om uitleg innsigelse, innvending, protestsprzeciw د يو څا حق تر پوښتنى لاندى وړل contestação punere sub semnul întrebării оспаривание spochybnenie kritika; spodbijanje osporavanje bestridande, protest การเรียกร้อง araştırma, sorma 質問 оспорювання کسی کے حق پرسوا ل اٹھانا ، بیان sự thẩm tra 质问

Suspecting & questioning connect with contact into concern idiom cynical dispute question doubting Thomas fisking I might prefer to see.

Creating individuals thrilled and interested absorbed animate be sb's bag idiom bedazzle breathe (new) existence into sth idiom engage entrance one fascination sb in sth intoxicate intrigue occupy pique pump extend swing transfix whet whip sb into sth whip sth up wow element See far more final results »

› [ C ] an invitation for somebody to contend towards you or for you to verify you can obtain a specific goal:

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